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A. Life and Death 2
1. Representations of the 4 Elements in the body 2
2. Beginning of life 2
3. Death 2
B. Current treatment of diabetes promotes premature death 3
C. Anecdotes 5
Reminder 6


A. Life and Death
Buddha taught that the human body is an association of 4 Elements (or 4 Fundamental Factors): Earth - Water - Wind and Fire. The functional association of the 4 Elements constitutes the physical body, the fetus, living with the mother.

1. Representations of the 4 Elements in the body
Earth Water Wind Fire
All solid structures: bones, flesh, hair, spleen, stomach... Blood and liquid stuctures: fat, saliva... Physical movements, Breathing Body heat

2. Beginning of life
In the process of life, the soul is incarnated in the body last
Life is the functional association of the 4 Elements

Individual life begins at birth, after the embodiment of the soul in the fetus, the moment when the newborn baby makes the first cries, once it has emerged from the mother's womb. If the newborn never screams, this newborn would have died.

The Earth is the physical body that is still inert.

The Water will irrigate and nourish the whole body.

The Wind will circulate the Water throughout the body and allow physical movements.

The Fire brings warmth to the body and ensures the maintenance of life.

The incarnation of the soul triggers the spark of life.

3. Death
In the process of death, the soul leaves the body first, the body decomposes afterwards.

Death is the dissociation of the 4 Elements, giving the following signs:

The physical body is built from the Earth, it is through the Earth that the process of death begins, according to the cycle of generation (mother-child cycle) Earth- Metal- Water- Wood- Fire.

The degradation of the Earth results in the loss of physical mass, weight loss, decreased height, inability to eat, vomiting....

Metal degradation is the degradation of breathing and the morphology of the skin....

Water degradation is the degradation of the blood formula, the decrease in blood volume....

The degradation of the Wood will restrict and weaken all physical movements...

The degradation of Fire is the extinction of life, the cardiac arrest.

The gradual dissociation of the 4 Elements is also perceived through the degradation, or loss of flavour, smell, hearing, vision, tactile sensitivity, thinking ability (6 cognitive functions).

A person lying motionless, all limbs are frozen, stiff, no longer recognizes the surroundings... but a perceptible heat persists at the heart is therefore still alive, and could be resuscited.

B. Current treatment of diabetes promotes premature death
Diet and diabetes treatments lower sugar, so heart rate and body heat will also decrease. Fire, one of the 4 Elements is suppressed, without Fire (heat), without sugar (source of energy and heat), the Earth would be insufficient, so there would be no food transformation into energy and blood to feed the cells. Insufficient Metal could lead to death, by respiratory arrest, at any time. The Fire in insufficient of sugar, could also stop beating at any time.

Glycemia of 140 mg/dL (8 mmol/L) is a minimum value at all times to maintain heart and nervous system function. Maintaining a glycemia of 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L) will constantly deprive the body of sugar.

Blood sugar level of 140 mg/dL (8 mmol/L) before meals will rise to 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L) after meals, then drop to 140 mg/dL (8 mmol/L) 4 hours after meals.

The following figure illustrates the cyclic and safe variation in blood glucose levels between meals.
The horizontal axis represents the number of minutes after meals
The vertical axis represents glycemia, on the right of the axis in mmol/L, on the left in mg/dL.

Blood glucose levels of 60 mg/dL (4 mmol/L) indicate the mortality threshold.

Wishing to maintain a glycemia of 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L) at all times means to impose a permanent sugar deficit on the body. This sugar deficit will disturb the functioning of the 5 Elements, thus giving rise to all kinds of unpredictable diseases leading to cancers (liver, pancreas...) and metastases.

The cell needs 4 ingredients to function: Glucide-Lipid-Protein-Oxygen. Depriving one or more ingredients will sooner or later lead to cell death.

By lowering the Fire, one of the 4 Fundamental Elements constituting the human structure, it is to generate disturbances in the harmony of the Elements, thus leading to the dissociation of the Elements, i. e. to death.

C. Anecdotes
Case 1
Once upon a time in Montreal, an accident occurred at a crossroads. The driver died instantly, the passenger underwent a craniectomy (opening of the cranium box) to drain the blood into the brain. After the operation, the person remains in a coma with artificial life support. The family gathers to discuss the doctors' suggestion to stop artificial life support. This person's husband consulted Master Đo and a psychic with a crystal ball.

The psychic, looking into the crystal ball, said that she will first say 2 facts, if that is true, she will reveal the 3rd fact. 1 She described the scene and time of the accident (at a crossroads at 8 am); 2- she even gave the name of the person: Mrs X.
Everything is true, so the third fact is revealed. She saw that X's soul has still remained at her side, and waits to see if the situation of the body will improve, to reintegrate, or to leave it definitively if the case gets worse.

In the past, this family went to Viet Nam to adopt a 3-year-old girl from Viet Nam. Back in Canada, she adopted another girl a few months old from India origin. The Indian woman is 3 years younger than the Vietnamese one. Master Đo goes to the hospital, in seeing Master Đo, the Indian told his father, he will heal Mom. The doctors said it's a desperate case, and that Master Đo can do whatever he wants, but the doctor wants to stay to watch the treatment.

Master Đo pressed heavily on the 2 acupuncture points 6 Rt (Tam Âm Giao/San Yin Tsiao) by calling aloud the lady's name: XX. The lady wakes up with a start, gesturing and screaming: O-NO, O-NO...she finally woke up well.

Case 2
A person over 70 years of age has the following values, according to the blood pressure monitor.
Systolic: 110 mmHg, Diastolic 50 mmHg, Pulse 49 bpm
This is a case of severe insufficiency, especially in blood and heat. Master Đo gave 2 teaspoons of protein powder and 2 teaspoons of glucose to drink. Glucose is intended to bring heat to the body and increase heart rate, the protein in association with glucose will form blood, thus raising diastolic pressure. The person has finally emerged from the critical period.

- QiQongTherapy, a branch of Complementary Medicine, treats all imbalances by adjusting the 3 values of the tensiometer to the age-referenced values.
Restructure Energy (systolic) through QiQongTherapy exercices.
Restructure the Blood (diastolic) through food, beverages.
Restructure Heat (pulsation) by increasing or decreasing glucose consumption.

- Cases of cancer. The acid medium promotes the development of cancer, alkanized water or sodium bicarbonate mixed with glucose should be used to raise the pH to an alkaline pH.

- 20% of the proteins consumed will be converted into insulin by the pancreas to stabilize blood sugar levels.
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