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Clip71 Kim Anh Drink a lot of glucose, practice QiQongTherap

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Clip71 Kim Anh Drink a lot of glucose, practice QiQongTherapy exercices for self-
treatment of many chronic diseases
Currently I am 28 years old, I am in Viet Nam, following are the troubles I have suffered
for a long time:
1- Degeneration of the cervical spine
2- Chronic inflammation of the throat and tonsils with pus
3- Gastric pain with the presence of Helicobacter Pylory(HP), cyst in the belly at the left
4- Pain and numbness in the limbs, knees, back.
5- Allergy to sunlight, appearance of red spots and itching
6- Parasite : dog fluke
7-Menstruation stopped 2 years ago
Values obtained from the blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter and saliva pH
paper, the person does not yet have a non-contact thermometer
Pre-meal blood glucose: 129 mg/dL, pH 5
After-meal blood pressure values:
Left arm: 97/60/78, right arm: 96/64/80
Left foot: 92/55/77, right foot: 100/59/78
Reference values for age group 18-40
Systolic 110-120 mmHg, Diastolic 65-70 mmHg, Pulse rate 65-70 beats per minute
Data Interpretations
Low systolic: lack of energy
Low diastolic: lack of blood
High pulsation: lack of blood causes pulsation to rise.
Systolic on the left arm remains higher than on the right arm, even 4 h1/2 after the meal:
indigestion, reverse food transformation
Low tension in the feet: lack of strength in the legs, she has difficulty standing upright,
straight legs.
Treatment: The person treats herself according to the teachings learnt, at distance via the
videos of Master Đỗ Đức Ngọc, and by her close teacher in Viet Nam : An Huệ
A- Reinforce Energy through QiQongTherapy exercises: 1-Roll on yourself, to
distribute blood, energy and glucose evenly throughout the body. 2- Offering to God, to
increase systolic blood pressure. 3- Strengthening the energy of the middle heater, to
improve digestion and treat stomach problems, 4- Pulling the knees to the chest, while
blowing to improve digestion, energy and blood circulation, and at the same time make
the stomach more supple, 5- Salvation to God, to treat all the organs and viscera inside
the body, and thus show respect, love and devotion to God/Buddha.

B- Strengthen Alimentation to increase blood: eat blood forming foods, drink glucose,
drink protein powder with glucose, raise the pH by drinking 1 teaspoon of baking soda
with 4 teaspoons of glucose, 30 minutes after the meal.
C- Strengthen the Mental by practicing meditative breathing at the Yang chakra (this
chakra is used to treat the Yin state of this person).
The rest of the clip, from the minute 4:00 to the end shows:
a- the taking of 5 teaspoons of glucose, then the measured blood sugar of:163 mg/dL, the
exercises practiced successively: Rolling on oneself and Offering to God
b- the data of the blood pressure monitor after the exercises:
- pre-exercise glycemia 163 mg/dL
- glycemia after 10 minutes of exercise: 153 mg/dL: Roll on and Offering to God
The tensiometer shows the values improving after 10 minutes of exercise.

Left arm Right arm Left foot Right foot Glycemia
Before ex. 97/60/78 96/64/80 92/55/77 100/59/78 163 mg/dL
After ex. 101/63/89 101/61/89 102/61/88 104/59/87 153 mg/dL
c- Presentation of the results obtained after only 3 months of practice, of the self-healing
according to the QiQongThérapie/ Complementary Medicine method, of the disorders
presented at the beginning of this clip.
d- Results: I become well functional, can stand on my legs, can stand on my toes, kneel. I
noticed the disappearance of the cyst in the belly, the residues of which were evacuated in
the stool, giving the stool a black color. For the last 3 months, I have been off medication,
I don't lose my voice, which has really helped me in my profession as a teacher, I am no
longer exhausted after each class. I made this clip to widely promote
QiQongTherapy/Complementary Medicine, and to thank the encouragement and
dedication of the team of my close teacher An Huệ, and my distant Master Đỗ Đức Ngọc.