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Vaccines against covid-19, covid-20

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Vaccines against covid-19, covid-20

If one day, in this world, there would be no pharmaceutical industry and no medicine, then..:

1. Doctors, even the most reputable, would no longer be able to practice their professions because of a lack of medicines to fill prescriptions
2. Doctors would no longer be able to treat themselves without medication

Currently, devils and demons are incarnated in human bodies to destroy religions, education, pharmaceutical industries... For example, the industrial tycons in China have created fake medicines, viruses to destroy humanity, delay the marketing of vaccines and then raise the selling price. Doctors have to wait for vaccines’s availability to treat the sick people.

Three important concepts to note:

a. Currently, vaccines are being produced in a tortoise's pace to create demand, thus increasing the selling price..
b. The covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end without effective vaccines. By the end of this year, covid-20 will be coming out...would the covid-19 vaccine still be useful?
c. Traditional western medical science has stipulated that antibodies are glycoproteins and glycolipids of which glucose is the main ingredient. Consuming glucose increases antibodies and the immune system. Avoiding glucose means creating diseases due to lack of sugar, requiring the use of a variety of medicines.

It would be so desirable that each person could take care of himself without medication.

The following clips show treatments for the different disorders.

Clip 1. Drink glucose, then do the "Roll over" exercise. This will help nourishing the brain, the whole nervous system and lowering blood glucose levels

Clip 2. Drink glucose, then do the "Roll over" exercise. This will help lowering blood glucose and treating all disorders

Clip 3. Drink glucose, then pratice QiQongTherapy exercises. This will help lowering blood sugar, without any medication

Clip 4. Drinking glucose, then "Roll on" slowly treats paralysis

Clip 5. Drinking glucose, then self-treating mouth deviation and facial paralysis

Clip 6 Lack of glucose during pregnancy, the mother would have renal failure, inflamation of the liver, hepatitis B, and the newborn would have delayed growth.

Clip 7 Lack of glucose leads to indigestion, leading to stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accidents)

Clip 8 Drinking glucose treats hip joint inflamation without surgery

Clip 9 Drinking glucose during a sudden drop in glycemia, helps to avoid muscle contractions in the back of the neck

Clip 10 Drinking glucose, then measuring blood pressure and blood glucose before exercise, then measuring blood pressure and glycemia after exercise helps to assess the effects of exercise.

Clip 11 Drinking glucose treats asthma and blood lipid disturbances

Clip 12 Drinking glucose treats indigestions and their effects

Clip 13 Always test glycemia before exercising, to find out how much glucose to take before starting exercices

Clip 14 Drinking glucose treats dizziness and vestibular disorders

Clip 15 Drinking glucose treats brain cysts and double vision

Clip 16 Drinking glucose treats neck cysts, sciatica, numbness in the limbs, and also nourishes the entire nervous system.

Clip 17 No glucose phobia ! glucose feeds the brain, the nervous system and treats diabetes

Clip 18 Glucose feeds the brain, nervous system, treats bad vision

Clip 19 Bảo Minh shares the result of his/her self-treatment with glucose

Clip 20 Drink glucose, then practice the exercise "Hail to God/ Buddha" and recite the mantra Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật treats kidney failure

Clip 21 Drinking glucose and then practicing the "Hail to God/Buddha" exercise, can treat many diseases.

Clip 22 Summary of the first study session on the treatment of diseases with glucose, according to QiQongTherapy

Clip 23 Drinking glucose treats hyperglycaemia (diabetes) and indigestion causing high blood pressure

Clip 24 Meditative breathing for the continuous energetic circulation of the Yin-Yang circuit in the body

Clip 25 Drinking glucose stops having the phobia of diabetes