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Do Duc Ngoc & Mai Hoang Cao

The below is a typical conversation between Master Do to a patient (P)

P: I have a friend with diabetes, he got your help and he was cured. He recommends you to me. Can you hep my diabetes? I took medication for more than 20 years and my blood sugar is always high 300-400mg/dl. I also have gout, dizzy, some cardiovascular disease symptoms, weak kidneys, fatigue …

Master Do (M): Let’s go through your concerns one by one.

I-Which symptom is your priority today?

P: My gout, all the toes are so painful that I can’t walk with ease.

M: Gout is easy to cure. The cause of gout is the excess acid uric. You are in US, go to a Walmart, by a little bottle of Alkaline (base) liquid at pH 9. Drinking ‘base’ will balance the uric acid internally, while externally you can use the needles (using in blood glucose tests) to prick the swollen spot, squizze a couple drop of black blood. Stop when you see the red blood. Your pain would be gone with the black blood out.

II-P: Can you help my diabetes?

M: In my experimental theory, diabetes is happened to those who are too weak or too lazy to move, other than that there is no one getting diabetes. Let’s analyse the reason and you can understand it.

1-In a day, do you consume any food containing sugar? Very little!

2-Then. why you have diabetes although you did not have enough intake of sugar?

P: I was told rice is sugar rich. I was scared of sugar and did not take much of rice, I ate all vegitables, but my blood sugar (BS) is always high

3-Have you ever thought the reason why you didn’t have any food with sugar while taking medication for lower BS, your BS is never low? Where was your diabeted medication going?

P: My doctor said my body did not provide enough insulin

4-Let’s think about when you’re younger. Our working people consumed 5 bolws of rice at each meal time. How much do you thing they have high BS and why they were not diagnosed with diabetes?

Let me ask you. A person eats 1 bolw of rice compared with the one eats 5 bolws of rice while working outdoor, who is fast tired and why?

P: The one eats 1 bolw is more tired due to the energy required for workws

5- While working and feeling tired due to lower energy, there is any food leaft in his stomach?

P: No more rice in the stomach left after a few hours

6- Due to sugar contained in rice, after eating rice, your BS increases. When your stomach is emptly, no more rice or no more sugar left in stomach, if you measure your BS, why sugar is high in your blood?

P: I don’t know

7-M: Why there is such a diabetes in your body. Your digestive system did not work? Rice was still standing in your tummy and you keep putting more food from the coming meal but you haven’t move and not being active are all the causes?

P: Yes, I did not have much food with sugar, ate very little rice, take medication for lower BS but my BS is still high

8- M: After a meal, there are two incidents

a- At high BS, high heart rate, high temperature, we call it positive BS. Our body makes glucose from food intake, and after a few hours our BS decreases if we move or work to use the energy from the glucose. If you don’t move to use the glucose, you’ll get fat.

b- At high BS, but you have low heart rate, low temperature, hands and feet are cold, your body is skinny, we call it negative BS. if you’re active for a moment, the BS reduces a little bit and then comes high again but you feel tired.

c- Where is the high BS come from? The body extracts the BS from the muscles of organs even neural cells to have enough BS for the heart and brain which are at high demand of BS for normal functions maintaining a life.

d- Soon or later, your body has nothing left to extract for BS, and you would die, can your family members be sure and clearly that your death is come from low blood sugar but not because of diabetes?

M: Please tell me what situation you are in now?

P: I found the higher my BS is the quicker I lost weight and feel fatigue; I can tell I lose BS too. I don’t undertand why it happens.

9- Let’s recall things happened in the Re-Education (ER) camps for the former/Saigon Vietnamese government employees at your age and we hope you may understand. Those who were over weight were in the following incident. When you were in these camps, you rarely had enough food and even a little sugar to eat but working was highly demanded for production. Many former government officers from 70-80kg lost their weight to 40-50kg and survived while those who had diabetes and weight of 50-60kg were dead in a few years. Which were the causes? High or low BS, can you tell me for those who died? Is it true they died from not having enough food, and not enough energy for working hard?

In our illustration of the RE camps, do you understand, the overweight and have high BS may in classified and suffered in diabetes. If we are losing weight due to not having enough food and sugar, eating more for enough like those were released from the RE camps, after went back home, they were back to a healthy shape?

According to Canada healthy food guide food should contain enough protein, lipid, glucose and minerals. Will you be sure healthy if you keep your diet away from sugar while taking medication for lower blood sugar?

Unfortunately, the whole medical system promotes diet without enough food containing sugar and encourages patients to obey the medication prescription from medical doctors.

If anyone knows Recent reports as guideline in Canada Diabetes 2018 warns Canadian about critical sicknesses caused by Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in those who have been ‘unaware’ of their low BS conditions while still taking medication. Just key in “guidelines for Hypoglycemia” or take the reference (Yale et al., 2018) at the bottom of this writing.

Exactly, Master Do advises taking 2 tbs of sugar and do not let us have low BS. These guidelines also emphasized the same advice of ‘adjustment’ for medication. Its emergency rescue for patients at dangerous low blood sugar is the recommendation as taking 2 tsp of sugar with enough water for raising 2mmol/L BS and helping patients to gain conscious.

We urge you to observe this. According to Yale et al. (2018) medications for lowing blood sugar more, the brain and the heart in low supplies of BS will end up at more ‘complications’ to patients who were labeled as “unawared”. These complications are causing cardiovascular, liver, kidney and digestive diseases. If you apply the way as you were in RE camps as working hard, playing football or volley ball but eating fully food for energized as a cyclo-driver who drives to earn living, for sure you’ll be healthy. Can you imagin how much rice and sugar a cyclo-driver take per day for his working conditions? Can this cyclo-driver be diabetes due to the high amount of rice and sugar (40 to 80 tbs of sugar per day) he took?

Consequently, your choice to fix your diabetes is already there for you, isn’t it? How about these below two choices?

One, we should be awaken from silly idiot wrongly taking diabetes medicine from prescription at your low BS and not having enough food containing sugar. Drinking/taking enough sugar, taking more sugar for performing exercises (such as our qigong) for the sweat out, reducing fat for not being heavy or overweigh will help your brain and heart function well without extracting any more stored energized BS out from our organs.

There are more exercises for different conditions such as an average 10 minutes rolling the body on the floor or 1000 skipping jumps. Do you remember when you were in 3 months army basic training? Trainees were always demaned to do jumps up-down and sitting-standing up, did they get diabetes? Are you too lazy to do any exercise for your health?

Two, have a continuous deep silly idiotic daily dream of not eating any sugar, strictly obeying to doctors’ prescription for lower and lower blood sugar, keep your body skinny weakness and soon die of complication from hypoglycemia but thought it was diabetes.


Yale F. et al. (2018). Hypoglycemia. 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines. Canadian Journal of Diabetes.42 (2018) S104–S108. Retrieved from Canada
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